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Going Forward

Discover how we designed the first ever sonic identity to receive a trademark in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Access to information was once a luxury afforded only to the wealthy. Today, no matter how many billions an Elon Musk or a Bernard Arnault may possess, they rely upon the same smartphone and network as you and I to stay connected.

STC provides the luxury that so many of us can afford; fast, strong and secure access to the world’s information. And in STC pay they are driving the digital payments market across their region, so Mr Musk can handle his bills too. Here is how they developed the sound of their brand.

STC was established in 1998 and has quickly become one of the largest and most loved brands in Saudi Arabia. It has achieved this through its drive, dynamism and devotion to its customers, and its services have brought openness and access to the people of the Kingdom and much of the MEA region.

As an international brand, tasking itself with the mission of Going Forward but with deep rooted heritage within Saudi Arabia, we faced a unique challenge to blend the future with past and to deliver an emotional connection through music and sound.

STC demonstrated passion for their brand through the dedication and devotion they gave to establishing their sound. In turn, we brought to the team our strategists, composers and musicians. The magic happened in the most famous recording studio in the world; London’s iconic Abbey Road. Here’s the story of the day.


Sonic Logo

The first Sound Trademark in SA

Supported by Sonicbrand, The Sound Of STC was the first sonic identity ever to receive a trademark in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. This has paved the way for all others in the Kingdom to own and invest in sonic branding.


In five years, the Sound of STC has become iconic, appearing in its flexible forms across hundreds of films, commercials and applications, touching the lives of every person in the Kingdom and beyond.

“We were very happy with the outcome and the tools provided give us unlimited opportunities to expand our sound identity to many new exciting applications.

This has been such an exciting project  and we look forward to where we can take the sound of STC next.”

Faisal Almalki
Brand Management GM

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