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Find out more about how we designed a sound with wellness at its core for premium hearing solutions brand, Phonak.


Sound is something many of us take for granted – it is a sense that is strongly linked to our emotions.

Phonak’s brand ideology is based on the idea that  ‘hearing well means living life to the fullest’ This conviction keeps the brand true to its mission – to develop state-of-the-art hearing aids that are life-changing for people with hearing loss, enabling them to be more active and nurturing their social and emotional wellbeing.

We developed an intuitive sound world for Phonak that touches the entire customer experience. Infused with beautiful sounds from nature to encourage a state of calm and well-ness in the listener, the Sound of Phonak is a premium sonic experience, offering the highest quality of sound. When people with hearing loss describe the sounds they miss the most, they often cite sounds from the natural world, especially high pitched sounds such as bird-song (the highest frequencies are what we lose first at the onset of hearing loss).
When people with hearing loss describe the sounds they miss the most, they often cite sounds from the natural world.

Creative Concept

We recorded sounds from nature e.g. birdsong, flowing water and wind in the trees utilising superior field-recording microphones and layered them into Phonak’s sonic language, resulting in a sound that instils a feeling of calm and well-ness in the listener.

Studies have demonstrated that listening to sounds from the natural world around us can help to reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of stress and encourage feelings of well-being.

In order to achieve the highest quality sound, we live recorded all instrumental elements of The Sound of Phonak, ensuring strings sung with vibrato, piano was the warmest tone and voices were crisp, clear and full of life.

Phonak’s brand theme is the core of this brands identity and sets the warm, natural and premium palette for this brands identity. A memorable five note melodic hook is watermarked throughout the track.


Let's break it down


The sonic layers, each representative of different part of the brand’s personality, combine to create the Phonak brand theme.




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