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When your client has €275 billion of assets and they say they can Make It Happen, you can believe them! Here’s how an international team of talented collaborators crafted their new sound.


In a climate of economical and political insecurity, people crave control.  They want to bank with confidence, make sound decisions and have the freedom to create, build and invest; and they want to feel supported every step of the way.

Raiffeisen Bank International’s new immersive brand world seeks to give ownership to the individual, celebrating their community’s true grit and resilience.

The sound of Raiffeisen Bank International embodies the spirit of personal ambition.  It is an ear-catching, toe-tapping sonic language that works seamlessly with visual branding cues to create a consistent and holistic brand experience.

Our client had a big idea; to be the bank that could Make It Happen for its range of clients and partners across Europe.

Our sonic philosophy is to work to the brand fundamentals; to first understand values, goals, business culture and customer base. To ultimately seek a way to connect through music.

We developed creative responses to each brand value developed by RBI and Futurebrand, focusing ultimately on Driven, Imaginative, Precise and Human as the attributes most desirable and achievable through sonic communications.

Creative Concept

We created a Brand Theme that perfectly captures Raiffeisen Bank International’s brand personality: Driven, Inventive, Precise, Human.


Let's break it down

Sonic Layers

The sonic layers combine to create the new Raiffesen Bank International Brand theme. A unifying soundtrack for the brand’s mission.


Guttural bass and a pumping beat propel you forwards


Free, upward-moving melodic lines dance energetically


Intricate percussion created from the sound of a ticking clock


Multiple voices singing in unison evoking warmth and a sense of community

Sonic Logo

Seamlessly integrated with their new logo animation, the RBI sonic logo breathes life and spirit into every brand communication

Campaign Variations

Campaigns and audiences change, so we create variations. Different but connected, brand theme variations enable storytelling and brand building with flexibility and uniqueness. Here, our composers worked with McCann to begin to craft and evolve the ever expanding treasure chest of sonic expressions for RBI

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