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Find out about how we designed an elevated sound world for a brand that never settles for anything less than perfect.


In 1953, Saul Marantz established Marantz company and opened a factory in Woodside, Queens, New York.  Ever since, Marantz’ expert Sound Masters have perfected the art of precision to deliver an unparalleled listening experience.

Our brief was to realise the sound of Musical Luxury; and then to imbue it with authentic New York character.

Designed to evoke the Marantz spirit, The Sound of Marantz is a unique sonic palette that utilises warmth, clarity and spaciousness to showcase the incredible sonic capabilities of the Marantz speaker.

Born In New York

Creative Concept

With a client so determined to create the Most Musical Sound, sound quality was of the upmost importance in this brief.

We recorded a group of London’s top musicians at the famous Air Studios. This live element is what helps to elevate the Marantz sound, ensuring each note has character, is technically perfect and flawlessly captured to achieve unrivalled sonic calibre.


We created a Brand Theme that combines East Coast hip hop beats with cinematic strings, jazz piano and soulful voices.

Sonic logo

The Marantz sonic logo is elegant and refined, just like their subtle end frame
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