Every week we will be publishing our top tips for the effective use of music in branding. This is our top tip number 4!

4. Appealing To A Younger Audience Through Music 

Music is one of the most recognised passion points for generation X and Y. It is also the most talked-about subject on social media. The challenge is how to insert your brand into these conversations in relevant and interesting ways. With a strategy in place that creates new experiences and moments around music, it is sure to resonate with the younger generation and help forge indelible memories that are intrinsically linked back to your brand.


Bobby Oliver, Brand Marketing Director at Sprite

“Sprite tapped into Hip-Hop culture 30yrs ago with our ad featuring Kurtis Blow … The Sprite ‘Obey Your Verse’ campaign is not only an acknowledgment of the genre’s best storytellers, but also a way of inspiring and empowering our fans to be true to themselves.”