We adore sound, its power, its potential

The way in which it makes the world sensorial, giving dimension and depth to our lives, rooting us in the moment, inspiring us to think with more space and altitude.

It accompanies us on our journey through all we do. It is the soundtrack to our every experience.

Brands today know that to make a memorable impression, they need to create worlds. But worlds are never silent. A brand world with visceral sounds, which amplify every touchpoint, with more texture, more personality are more recognisable and memorable.

The Original Sonic Branding Agency

No other team has done more to develop the sonic branding industry. Established in 1999, Sonicbrand was one of the first specialist agencies in the world for sonic strategy. As audio enters a new golden age, our purpose remains the same.

Meet the team

We wrote the book

An Introduction to Sonic Branding was the world’s first book on the subject of sonic branding and kick-started the growth of the discipline in 2003.

In 2014, Hit Brands expanded the topic of music for brand building and established a blue-print for music and brand partnerships in the 21st Century.

Both titles were authored by Daniel M. Jackson, Co-Founder of Sonicbrand.