I’ve worked in music and brand for a while now and I realised that I needed somewhere to store all my stuff. The aim of this site is to collect together my thoughts on brands and their relationship with music, entertainment and technology.

Sonic branding is definitely a thing, recently it has become more popular through the development of partnerships between brands and artists. But while this is a good thing it has lead to the rise of loads of “me-too” music partnerships and sonic branding. I’ll do my best to find the best examples of how to make music and entertainment key parts of brand and marketing communications, celebrating the excellent and calling out the generic and uninspiring.

Brands often see music as a quick and easy way to target certain consumer groups or access content; artists and labels see brands as an opportunity to create new income streams or reduce marketing costs. All this while consumers just want access to the things they love. For me the role of a partnerships should always be to enhance that access, if a brand gets this right then the consumers will develop loyalty and trust for it but if they get it wrong it is often hard in the newly social world avoid significant negative feelings.

If you would like to talk about brand partnerships with the entertainment and in particular music then feel free to send me an email, paul@sonicbrand.com.

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