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Happiness gets a little intense with Coke

When it comes to audio branding there isn’t much that Coke has not excelled at. From its multicultural anthem about buying the world some fizzy pop through its omnipotent open happiness, the vegetable flavoured soda pop has long understood the power of music to sell. So with a new marketing strategy doing the rounds its no surprise that they are dancing to a new tune.

I have no idea what the brief was for this but what they have created feels a little miserable for a brand known for preaching happiness. Rather than worry about whether images of protest communicate joy and togetherness, lets focus on the music. Well my response there is pretty much the same. I’m sure someone will do some nice piece of research that says the new aggressively happy Coke has changed perceptions, reached out to the millennials and made Coke the drink of the bearded wonders but it just doesn’t feel right. Coke is generic and that is not a bad thing, so this attempt to create communications that exclude rather than embrace audiences feels a bit wrong.

I guess you have to admire the bravery but being brave doesn’t make you right.

While we wait for the outcome here’s something that is happy.

COCA-COLA releases their song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Coca-Cola tries to recreate the rhythm of the Rio Carnival with ‘The World Is Ours’ for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Performed by US ‘X Factor’ star David Correy and Brazilian percussion troupe Monobloco the track will take centre stage as part of Coke’s global campaign to promote its sponsorship of the tournament. As ever it features the brand “Open Happiness” signature.