Every week we will be publishing our top tips for the effective use of music in branding. This is our top tip number 3!

3. Stand out from your competitors

Its a noisy world out there, so use music to give your brand a distinctive edge. 

Treating the sound of your brand as carefully as you do its tone of voice and visual identity, is key. First, ask yourself ‘is the sound of my brand intentional?’ and then ‘is it exclusive to my brand’? One role for marketing and communications is to make your audience sit up and take notice. If you create something unique that feels in keeping with your brand, you are more likely to find a clear and distinctive place within your market landscape.


Susie Rossick, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Honda, says of Honda’s latest Music-Themed Campaign

“The campaign’s goal is to break through the car sales-event clutter and remind people that summer is the best time to get a great deal”