Arguably the best creators of footy ads, Nike are currently leading the Campaign viral chart. In  honour of this champion brand, we’ve collated our Top 5 Best Nike Football campaigns to date…

5. The Mission (2000)

The best footballers in the world, ninjas, explosions and Edgar David’s sunglasses… NUFF SAID.

 4. Good Vs Evil (1996)

It doesn’t get much cooler than Eric Cantona flicking up his collar, and killing a demon with a fire-ball shot whilst speaking French!

3. Write The Future (2010)

Why is this good? Apart from Wayne Rooney’s beard you mean? If he takes his current form in to this year’s World Cup, it may not be long before we see a real life Cristiano Ronaldo statue!

2. The Cage (2002)

Fight Club meets Football in an underground showdown punctuated with humour and a soundtrack of Elvis remixed by JXL – yeah that remix. Featuring 24 popular players, Eric Cantona as the compare. the estimated budget for this ad was a stroll down the pitch at $100 million.

1. Airport (1998)

Due to the insane levels of Airport security we now endure in the UK, this ad is even more funny now than it was back in the 90s.  Featuring the original Ronaldo, the only part that doesn’t live up to our expectation of Nike adverts is the heartbreak of hitting the post!