NOKIA invests in making music stretch further

Nokia LumiaIs there a brand that has looked at music and not immediately thought “you know what we should do a live session and film it”? On the checklist of options for building music based marketing, the idea of a session or gig is probably the first item that comes up. This is no bad thing, after all gigs are fun and provide so many ways to engage with an audience but as Nokia seems to have realised just doing a “session” is not enough in today’s content rich world. In order to improve matters the mobile brand currently known as Nokia has decided to invest more in the Lumia Live Sessions to create content that consumers will want to watch and share more. I’m not really sure why that requirement wasn’t in the original brief but you live and learn.

Mobile phone companies and networks love the world of music partnerships so it is no surprise to see one of them invest more marketing budget into one. This latest investment does highlight the idea that in the past simply signing up to a relationship was seen as sufficient when actually brands need to commit time, money and creativity to make music work for them. We’ll have to wait and see what Nokia and their agencies come up as Microsoft, sorry I mean Nokia look to enhance their music credentials.

You can read a little more about it on Brand Republic.

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