Poolside with The Saturdays on your First Choice holiday

ImageI am not the biggest fan of the branded playlist. On the whole they are fairly desperate attempts by brands to sneak their way into your music life by offering little added value. So it was with limited joy that I read that First Choice have brought in The Saturdays (or at least an intern from their management team) to curate a playlist to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Holiday Villages. The good news is there is more to this partnership than a bunch of predictable summery tracks put into a Spotify playlist.

The partnership will be made up of a number of elements. The first will be the “Poolside Playlist” that is being built on Spotify. Customers will be able to put forward their suggestions for tracks on the First Choice website and the playlists will be available for Spotify customers as well as being played out at all villages in the group. Those submitting tracks will have a chance win a holiday in Ibiza. On top of this the Saturdays will film their next video at the Rhodes branch of the First Choice Holiday Villages. Plus, they’ll be recording their favourite holiday track for inclusion on their Greatest Hits album. And breath.

First Choice are making all the right noises about how important music is to people’s holidays and I guess they are pretty spot on with that. The Saturdays also feel like a good choice for the First Choice brand. So I think you could describe this as a nice little partnership, it ticks a lot of boxes and it goes beyond that rather bland idea of just pushing out a playlist. The question now is whether each party will give it the push it needs to gain some awareness and make it more than a press release.

You can read all about it on The Drum.

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