INSPIRATION: Touch me, I’m spicey. More sounds from Grey and Schwartz

Earlier this year we saw the start of Schwartz’s “Sound of Taste” campaign from Grey London, you can check out the post on it here. After making a studio look like the Holi celebrations have wandered through it, Grey London has come up with a neat and tidy expression of the “Sound of Taste” in partnership with cool tech/print company Novalia.  Audio enhanced posters are nothing new but Novalia and it’s founder Kate Stone really take the idea beyond what other people do, check out her TED talk to see what I mean.

I’m not expecting the Schwartz posters to be all over town, it is a bit of a gimmick but you know what it shows that Grey have really thought about how they are going to implement this idea of the “Sound of Taste” and that should be applauded. Experimenting with sound is fun and the more brands need to do it rather than relying on big music and brand partnerships or obvious syncs. Technology is making sound far more accessible for brands and consumers so I suggest we should follow the lead of Grey, Novalia and Schwartz and play around with it.


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