Music and brand relationships don’t always have to involve Gaga or P Diddy/Puffy/Sean John/Diddy/Puffy/Brian. Just Eat, the online takeaway service, have saved their money and instead put their faith in the creative skills of their customers by telling them to “Sing For Your Supper”. For the record this has nothing to do with the Mamas and Papas cover of the Hart and Rodgers song “Sing For Your Supper“, despite it coming from their “Deliver” album
Just Eat customers have been asked to create songs inspired by takeaways and send them to the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages using the hashtag #SingForYourSupper. Each month prizes will be handed out to the best, the worst, the most entertaining and the most original.
The campaign will almost certainly uncover some genius, some tragedy and some annoyingly catchy stuff that the brand hopes will go viral. In an age of justification you have to love Just Eat’s marketing director Lucy Milne for her explanation for bringing together takeaways and music:
“There’s also an intrinsic link between music talent shows and takeaway, both often providing the centrepiece to a perfect night in.”
I think you’ll find the intrinsic link is between people who can’t be bothered to get off their sofas and people who can’t be bothered to cook. Whatever the reason for the doing the campaign it should be fun to follow, after all it has been too long since we have had the pleasure/pain of the Fast Food Rockers. To kick it off enjoy this from Duke Beatbox.

The campaign has been put together by the creative agency Ralph.

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