Ballantine’s Stay True journeys to the Boiler Room

After 187 years of life Ballantine’s whisky still likes to party hard. To prove it the Scottish whisky brand is teaming up with the Boiler Room to create a series of documentaries and one-off events. The whole thing has been put together by M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment and is designed to provide a “credible” music experience, one day I want someone to give me a proper definition of credible.
Ballantine’s has often engaged in marketing activities that seem far removed from the traditional idea of malt whisky brands so this partnership is not as random as it may seem. The question that this partnership raises is whether consumers will believe the partnership is genuine. Creating good content is one thing and always to be encouraged; but does a traditional brand like Ballantine’s, a company that has only had 5 master blenders in over 180 years, fit with a club music platform like the Boiler Room?
I hope it is real and works, it takes courage for a brand like Ballantine’s to throw itself into a partnership like this when most people would perceive it as more comfortable in golf shoes than a pair of Stan Smiths. Now it is up to the brand to convince us that this is a marriage of shared values and passions rather than just Anna Nicole Smith marrying J. Howard Marshall. Keep an eye on this partnership and at the same time pretend you’re in a club at the Boiler Room.

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