Bruno Mars vs Bob Dylan: The real Super Bowl battle

Once upon a time there was this really famous singer called Bob Dylan and everyone thought he’d never let a brand use his music or his face for advertising. Then along came a plucky ad exec with a great big cheque and Bob said “Sure”. The End.
In the old days when record labels actually meant something there was this group of hallowed artists who you would never even think of approaching with a sync opportunity. But times have changed and with most of these artists now collecting their pensions the chance to make a few extra pennies through licensing is one they are happy to discuss.
This weekend, in case you didn’t know, is the Super Bowl and with advertisers clambering over each other to blow more cash than each other it looks like the battle of the music and brand partnerships will be between Bruno Mars and Bob Dylan. While Mars has the half-time show and a Hyundai sync, Dylan is serving up a car ad of his own and some yoghurt.
Over the years Dylan has actually done quite a few sync deals but this Sunday’s marketing showcase will be a serious payday. The first ad is a simple sync with Chobani yoghurt using his 1966 track “I Want You“. It is a paint-it-by-numbers sync, ad narrative involves a scary bear wanting a yoghurt, track talks about wanting something, you get the idea.
The other Dylan moment on Sunday may come in the form of an appearance in the latest Chrysler ad, so far there have been lots of “no comments” emerging from the relevant press offices, but Billboard seem to think its happening.
So who will win the battle of the bands? Well I guess at this point I should dish out the cliché of “the world of music will win”. HUT HUT!

P.S. Since we’re talking about Dylan it makes sense to have another look at this little beauty “Like A Rolling Stone”.

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