INSPIRATION: JC Penney marches to its own Olympic parody

If you thought Christmas was good for ads then the next few weeks are monumental. The combination of the SuperBowl and the Winter Olympics means that every sponsor is having to pull out the stops to validate the millions of gold doubloons they spend on getting those corporate tickets, sorry I mean supporting sport.

So to kick off what is going to massive few weeks of ads we have of all things a little film from JC Penney. I’m not the biggest fan of parodies, especially when the original is a great tune but I kind of like the lack of shame in taking on Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”. The lyrics are of course crowbarred in but the chorus is surely going to be sung wherever Ted Ligety goes. It is pretty obvious where the production budget went (hint: it wasn’t on hiring the car park) and that can only be a good thing for the music industry. No Doubt.

Those responsible:
Music Company: Beacon Street Studios
Music Producer: Caitlin Rocklen
Musician / Singer: Chauncey Black
Arranger: Mike Franklin/Dewey Thomas

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