INSPIRATION: Grey show Simon Fuller what Spicey music should sound like

I love it when the title of an ad starts with the words “The Sound of…..”, it means I get to watch some highly synced, brand based visuals. So here we have “The Sound of Taste” an ad created for Schwartz spices by the London outpost of Grey. The music has been provided by MJ Cole who is more commonly associated with “Crazy Love” rather than spice inspired classical compositions but it certainly an interesting foray into advertising.

It is kind of interesting. Blowing up colourful stuff, be it food or paints, is nothing new in advertising, Sony love a bit of it. But what makes this feel a little different it is that the music is just so damn calm while the visuals are quite the opposite, plus I have never thought of Schwartz’s products as being the kind of stuff I would like to munch on while relaxing in a big armchair listening to a Ministry of Sound Ibiza Chill Out mix. In summary we have spicy stuff exploding in sync with a nice calm piece of music. Works for me.

P.S. For those who really have absolutely nothing to do with their time you can even watch the making of video. I’m not actually sure when advertising agencies decided that we needed to know how they made their ads but can someone tell them to stop. I could go on a massive rant about this but since life is too short and I really want to keep some time free to find out how they make the moustache on the Go Compare guy so wavy, I’m going to leave it there.

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