You Tube sends record labels to the naughty step

Earlier this year we discovered that there just aren’t as many Beliebers in the world as we feared,  sampling of his Twitter followers indicated that nearly half of them could be described as “empty” accounts (collective sigh of relief). Well today YouTube made a stand against fake views of music videos by wiping out billions of them.

Ground Report reported that the world’s most popular video sharing site has enforced its terms of service and left the major labels and many of their biggest artists with less views than a bloke in squeezing his blackheads, Universal lost around a billion views while Sony had to give up 850 million. You may think “whatevs” but this actually quite a slap on the wrist for the majors as YouTube views are often seen as an unofficial chart and they have monetary value through the share of advertising revenue.

How long will it be before they announce that Gangnam Style has not actually been viewed over 1.8billion times but has in fact been watched twice.

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