The New Year is going to deliver some new Beats


Its been another busy week in the music streaming world. Musicians have once again been moaning about how they earn nothing from streaming and Spotify has responded with the launch of Spotify Artists, a new service that allows musicians to see how little they are earning on a nice graph with full analytics of the audience that is not making them any money.

The latest news is that we all need to make a little bit more space on our iPhone screens for another streaming service. We’ve known it was coming for a while but Ian Rogers, CEO, has announced that the new Beats music streaming service, Beats Music (it does what it says on the tin) will be arriving in the US very soon, probably January.

The only reason it’s worth talking about another streaming service is that this one will get to enjoy the full Beats marketing experience. Dr Dre’s massively successful brand has been the poster child for celebrity brand partnerships for a few years now. Their use of sports and music stars has made Beats big cans a must for anyone who wants to tell the world they are listening to something better and has made headphone deals the top of most artists’ riders.

The other thing worth noting about the launch is that Beats Music will go to market with a mobile partner in place on day one. AT&T already has a relationship with Beats Electronics and it looks like they will be trying out a threesome by inviting Beats Music to join in. Details of the partnership have not been announced yet but it looks like the trend for music streaming services dating mobile networks is going to continue for a while.

I’ve got high hopes for the launch campaign but of course I won’t get to actually use the service for a while. In the meantime if you are in the US you can head to their websiteand register all your details.

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