INSPIRATION – Nike cancels Christmas and heads straight to Brasil

We haven’t even got through Christmas yet and brands are already looking forward to next year’s World Cup. In the way that the John Lewis ad signals the start of Christmas, the arrival of the Nike Brasil team ad tells you the World Cup is coming.

Nike will always have a pretty hard job trying to recapture the joy of Wieden + Kennedy’s 1998 Airport ad with its Sergio Mendes soundtrackSo what do we have this time round. Well it is another Wieden + Kennedy effort, this time from their Sao Paulo office. There are the usual clips of players humiliating other players however it seems to lack the joy of the ’98 ad. I get it that 15 years has passed since the Airport ad and maybe the new visual direction reflects the changes that have occurred in the sport but with football returning to its spiritual home maybe they could have gone a bit more natural and less special effects.

On the soundtrack front, the real reason why we are all here, they have gone for the Brasilian duet Antonio Carlos E Jocafi and their track “QUEM VEM LÁ” which moves the brand on from the 60’s and into the 70’s. It is a cool track but it would have been nice for them to have found someone a bit more current, don’t ask me for suggestions as my knowledge of Brasilian music is terrible and all I seem to find is terrible dance tracks so maybe they were right to go back four decades.

There you have it the 2014 World Cup starts here.


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