You’re so bland, you probably think this song is about you


In case some of you missed it, yesterday was the Content Marketing Association Summit 2013. You would not expect this to be the home of big, music focused statements but yesterday Nikhil Shah, the co-founder of online streaming service Mixcloud, changed that. He called out brands and their agencies announcing that they are simply not getting the most out of their relationship with music. In fact he went so far as to describe the majority of the content created through these partnerships as “bland pieces of marketing”.

In a lot of cases he is right. Most brands get involved with music as an easy marketing option, it quickly opens up audiences and the depth of the creative decisions is often no more than the selection of an artist or two. As Nikhil puts it:

“… in our world a lot of brands are still not using this opportunity in a proper content marketing fashion, instead they’re creating playlists that are pretty bland and don’t express their core brand values.”

He didn’t slam everyone, well you wouldn’t expect him to slag off his own work with Malibu, and I think on the whole the debate about branded playlists is still wide open but there is no doubt that brands and music need to get more creative in their output. There are so many platforms out there where consumers can access the music content they want, so it is no longer acceptable for brands to simply act as bouncers and instead they need to get in the club and party with their partners.

Oh yes and in the tradition of the last couple of weeks there was talk about the value of data but I don’t need to go into anymore detail about that.

You can read more about Nikhil’s speech in Marketing Week.

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