Mindshare and Shazam do deal to deliver more reasons for you to use music

I just cannot get away from data at the moment. Every day for the last couple of weeks there has been something on how “Big Data” is changing the way brands and music work together. Today we have the announcement that Shazam and media agency Mindshare have done a deal to create a new platform called “Audio +”. The new partnership will provide brands with a whole raft of media planning style services and information for brands using music as part of their marketing or as they put it: “ auditing, mapping, and the leverage of audio assets from advertisements.”

This is a very solid step for music in its development as a part of brand communications. Media agencies are probably the most significant part of the marketing infrastructure due to the huge budgets they control and their ability to influence creative output at source. The bringing together of Shazam and Mindshare should provide the kind of audio branding analytics that CMOs, CFOs and, of course, CEOs will feel comfortable building strategies and campaigns on.

Read more about it in the New York Times.

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