INSPIRATION: BEATS take noise out of the equation with a music video, I mean ad

Beats by Dre is the brand that every musician wishes they had created. I’ve worked on brand licensing for musicians and let me tell you they all want you to make them the Dre in Beats by Dre. The honest response to them is “It’s not happening” but good luck explaining why.
The ultimate music/brand product partnership has been building a huge team of sports stars to help sell their expensive cans and so it makes sense for them to get one of their biggest ambassadors, Kevin Garnett, to make an ad for their latest model.
By any normal definition this is a music video for Aloe Blacc‘s “The Man”, when the ad ends you’re even left thinking: “Surely we’ve still got another couple of minutes left and wow Aloe has really bought into product placement”. I like it, its a good track that works with the simple narrative, it also helps that Garnett’s Brooklyn Nets are playing poorly at the moment.
Be warned, it has some pretty nasty language so I suggest you put on a big pair of headphones if you are going to be watching it in the office or around kids, I recommend the new noise cancelling Beats Studio Wireless as worn by Kevin Garnett.

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