Is data driving a stake through music’s heart?


Sit yourself down and get comfy for this article that appeared in Marketing Week yesterday on how our music needs are being answered through the careful analysis of data by the music industry. I get it, the internet and social media is providing us with unbelievable amounts of information about the music people like and how they consume it but the future of music needs to take the good bits from data analysis and leave the creative people to be creative.

I’m not going to start a discussion now about how the growing obsession with data and its analysis will ultimately alienate the consumer through its failure to respect the unquantifiable nature of people’s love for music and the lengths to which they will go to feed their passion. You can’t enhance people’s passion for music, you can enhance their experience of it, some things you just have to accept as they are and celebrate them, I’m still having to accept that the first single I ever bought was Chas N’Dave’s Rabbit. As Sony Music’s Federico Bolza rightly says “you can’t focus-group a band into existence”

Brands are going to be increasingly enticed by the data on offer from the music industry but they must ensure that they are joining in the music party rather than simply selling tickets if they want to connect with their audience.

So here you go, read the article as it covers a lot of very interesting areas on how music is adapting to the availability of data, take some valuable insight from it and then cross reference it with your record collection, see what comes out.

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