INSPIRATION: A cover is not just for Christmas

Let us take a little break from the Christmas ads and enjoy a female artist doing a cover that doesn’t leave you feeling a little bit nauseous or make you run out and buy a mince pie.

Now I know this is a blog about music and brand but every once in the while it is worth focusing on the creative part of that relationship and simply listening to something really good. Lianne La Havas, who in the interest of transparency and to avoid a Wikileaks style expose I will admit to liking, covers Little Dragon’s “Twice” as part of the latest In The Woods Festival Barn Sessions.

The In The Woods Festival is organised by the Laurel Collective and is now in its 9th year. It is not some mega festival with a VIP area full of 4 year olds wearing Hunter wellies and ear protectors, it is in fact a pretty small affair backed by the PRS Foundation for the purpose of bringing new talent to the fore without making it perform in front of Louis Walsh.

Just to make sure brands don’t feel left out it is worth noting that those music loving people at Converse are celebrating the arrival of winter, and of course the launch of their winter range, with a series of entertainment events in 4 London pubs. The final event will be “Gig Night” at The New Cross House, SE14, where you’ll be able to see an acoustic set (well it is Christmas) by Lianne La Havas. See if you can blag some free tickets at the Converse #GetWinterized site.

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