Momentum Worldwide finds brands can benefit from taking us all out.

momentumlogo4e09e07ce943dMomentum Worldwide, the agency that made you phygit, have done an interesting piece of research that shows the best way to get people talking about brands is to give them a live experience. Now for those in the digital space that is not a live YouTube stream or a web chat with a celebrity’s PR team, nope real means real, reach out and touch it real.

They chatted to more than 6,500, that’ll be 6,501 then, and questioned them about 23 types of brand experience including TV ads, social media pages and live events. It turns out that the best way to get people to talk about your brand is to engage with them through live experiences and unsurprisingly music ones are the most effective.

The headlines are very encouraging for us music and brand believers but there should be one note of caution, live events are pricey affairs. Their direct audiences are fairly small compared to other options so it is crucial that every piece of additional content is fully exploited. I guess this is where the Momentum punchline comes in as they are the creators of “phygital” and they love to take the physical into the digital. Enjoy the nice graphics.

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