The data told me to listen to Bieber. Honest.

I was recently at a one day conference on music and brands where there was an interesting presentation by a person from AEG Live. In the Q&A I put forward the idea that in the eye of the brand manager AEG Live’s product was no longer that different from more traditional media platforms. For a brand, live music events are becoming a very quantifiable marketing platform that can deliver the kind of audience and effectiveness data that media planners love. Reading that back no wonder people looked at me blankly.

Anyhow it looks like a good ear may no longer be enough for a brand. Music companies are waking up to the idea that to get a track on a TV commercial takes more than simply doing an unplugged cover of it. Live Nation and Columbia Records are both now providing brands with the kind of data that will have the media department fist pumping with joy.

Live Nation are working with digital music researchers Big Champagne to provide brands with the kind of knowledge that will enable them to create the perfect mixtape for their customers. While over at Columbia they brought in Millward Brown to do some qualitative research into the effectiveness of Passion Pit’s “Carried Away” as the soundtrack for recent Tropicana Farmstand ads.

So it looks like from here on we’ll all be doing spreadsheets to work out the most impactful yet romantic song for the first dance at our weddings.

Don’t take my word for it read more about this stuff in Adage.

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