Converse leaves tracks in Beijing


Back in 2011 Converse opened a state-of-the-art recording studio in Brooklyn N.Y., Rubber Tracks. It was a bold and impressive  project, providing musicians with access to amazing facilities at no cost and showed how a brand can use the aura around music to provide value to their audience.

Since the studio opened Converse has taken pop-up versions to cities across the US, Europe and Latin America. They’ve created a short film and gig series that have all added to the awesomeness of Rubber Tracks.

Well now they are heading to Asia with the first pop-up studio on the continent  landing in Beijing later this month. For ten day Rubber Tracks will be camping out in Guna Music Studio offering local musicians a free day of recording in the state-of-the-art studio and workshops with leading Chinese artists. Then to wrap the whole thing off they will be holding a gig at the Makon Live House.

With Rubber Tracks, Converse made a commitment to new music around the world in a way that is comparative to Red Bull’s Music Academy. You have to love that the musicians get to use the studios for free and everything they record is theirs. It feels a little too good to be true and leaves you wondering what Converse are getting out of it. I’m going to explore these seemingly benevolent music and brand partnerships in a forthcoming post. Sometimes music partnerships can do more than provide good campaign ideas, sometimes simply being a part of the music scene is enough to add value to a brand, creating loyalty from an audience and inspire employees, more on this soon.

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