CHRISTMAS INSPIRATION 4: There is always a price for luxury – Louis Vuitton buy some Bowie

Let’s take a little break from the UK retailers and their Christmas ad template. For a little moment let’s go global fashion house. The big fashion brands do their best to make you go “What the f***” at this time of year. Usually they employ a fantastic set of abs, a female supermodel and blow an incredible production budget, but this year Louis Vuitton have ditched the abs and replaced them with music royalty. Bowie. Lets just say that again Bowie is in the latest LV ad.

LV have always made me laugh with their ads. I’ll never forget their press ad featuring Bono and his wife posing in some safari park next to a set of suitcases that were worth more than the nearest village. Bowie’s appearance in the ad is a true coup, he is known for being reclusive and yet LV have convinced him to appear in a global campaign. It’s an old school brand meets music campaign and I’d be surprised if we ever get to see Bowie monogrammed wash bags or briefcases. Considering Arizona Muse is the ad’s lead character it is amazing how little you notice her.

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