Be More Gaga – O2 gives customers early access to ARTPOP

Gaga does O2The regular reader of this blog will know that music sells mobiles so it will come as no surprise that O2 have announced a deal with Lady Gaga. Lucky O2 customers will get access to the new Gaga album – ARTPOP a week early and if they have splashed out on a 4G contract they will also get to watch an exclusive 8 minute video interview.

Best of all the partnership will mark the next stage of the “Be More Dog” advertising campaign with Gaga appearing in a new TV ad. This is the clearest indication yet that Gaga’s next major event outfit will be made from dog fur but we’ll just have to wait and see how far the O2 partnership stretches.

With mobile brands using both macro music partnerships such as providing music streaming services as part of contracts and micro ones like this it would be interesting to see which delivers a greater ROI. I’d be very interested to see the data on the effectiveness of focusing on a single artist for content I would expect it lead to short term spikes in interest but I imagine it is an expensive way to build brand loyalty. What I like about the O2/Gaga campaign is that as well as it being a content deal it is also an old school advertising campaign. Content is valuable but easily stolen and repurposed while sticking a star next to the brand on big old billboards and TV ads is almost impossible to illegally download.

So all you O2 customers get downloading and enjoy a week of Gaga smugness, all you Gaga fans head to your friendly local mobile phone shop and sign up for a nice 24 month 4G contract. Everyone else you can go about your business.

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