CHRISTMAS INSPIRATION: Debenhams breaks some rules

UPDATE: I’ve had to replace the video with a slightly dodgy recording of the ad as the license must have run out on the music and they’ve pulled it from You Tube

Now that Halloween is out of the way we can all start thinking about the next opportunity to stuff the children full of chocolate and sweets – Christmas. In the past we all looked forward to the Queen’s Speech and a Fools and Horses Special but nowadays Christmas is actually all about really expensive TV ads from the big retailers featuring big name voiceovers and covers of songs that you never thought would work when sung really slowly.

I’ll be honest I almost threw the towel when John Lewis used a cover of The Smiths’ “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” sung by Slow Moving Millie, don’t get me started about them referring to it as her track. Anyway it is Christmas so dust off the christmas decorations, shop like crazy on Amazon and look forward to the annual campaign against the X Factor winner Christmas number one, here come the ads.

Off the blocks nice and quickly is Debenhams with an ad that breaks a golden rule, the artist is singing their own track but to keep things Christmassy she’s singing it a little bit slower and there’s a nice big choir doing backing. So whip out your mistletoe to the sound of Foxes singing Youth.

Music supervision: CORD Worldwide.
Label: Sign of the Times


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