One of the problems with music and brand partnerships is that there is always the possibility of the artist going on a drug-fuelled party session and finishing the night by urinating on an homeless man’s head while wearing a panda fur coat or maybe they might decide to appear at the VMA’s. So what do you do when it is the brand that goes rogue?

Artists often refuse to allow themselves to be connected with brands and companies but what should they do if they’re already in a relationship when the brand starts doing weird stuff that doesn’t fit with the values that made it such a perfect match .  Jay-Z has a little situation at the moment following some rather unpleasant behaviour by one of his many brand partners, Barneys. The king of music and brand partnerships has a decision to make about how to react to pretty unpleasant accusations about the exclusive retailer’s view of some of its young black customers, read more about it on The petition on demanding Jay-Z rips up his contract with Barneys has now got over 4,000 signatures and even the Daily Mail has managed to find an angle on the story.

I guess from now on artists will have to make sure their PR people and lawyers and have contingency plans for the day their brand partner is found receiving diamonds from a local dictator.

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