As if our lives aren’t dominated by brands enough Spotify is going to let them playlist them too. I love this kind of thing but only if it is done properly, we’ll overlook the fact that its simply a way of selling ad inventory for the next 5 minutes. This is what audio branding is all about but I’m going to give a word of warning – Don’t just create playlists of what the office likes.

Brand owners if you take a lazy approach to this opportunity from Spotify you’ll be wasting your marketing budget and you’ll end up with whatever the team have been listening to on their iPods that morning or maybe the track that was playing in the club when they got lucky at the weekend. Simple audio branding strategy will ensure that you work out the brand’s musical tastes, what the brand would listen to and where this crosses over with the target audience’s tastes. Make sure you invest some time and possibly money into finding the right tracks and creating something that is on-brand rather than on Radio 1. Its probably a good idea to bring in some help and there are plenty of really good audio branding consultants out there who can help you out.

Here is the announcement in today’s Marketing Week.

End of the sermon. I’m so looking forward to finding out what Anusol would listen to at the weekends.

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