So here’s a nice little bit of bedtime reading for you on a Sunday night. Universal Music got the nice people at MIDiA Consulting, for transparency I can confirm that I don’t actually know anyone at MIDiA but I’m assuming that they are nice, to do them a report on the spread of bundled music services with mobiles, Building The New Business Case For Bundled Music Services. Now I’ll be honest that I’ve not read the whole thing yet but I will and while I’m doing that you can read it to. Interesting snippets include Swedes love music streaming and more than half of people who take up a free trial completely forget to cancel the direct debit once the trial is over, sorry that should have been 55% convert to subscribers.

Add to this report the fact that Telefónica has just taken an equity stake in Rhapsody International (owners of Napster) and I think you can be fairly safe in saying that the spread of bundled music services is only going to get bigger.

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