HEADPHONES – personalising the music experience.

AdAge: The Business of Selling Sound: Meet the Marketing Execs Behind Today’s Top Headphone Brands

In the past expressing your love of music was about wearing a t-shirt or  copying your hero’s hairstyles. Now it is about wearing the headphones “worn” by your music idols and those headphones are seriously big business, $2.4billion to be exact last year.

The huge growth demonstrates the marketing power generated by combining music and brand so it is probably worth listening to the people behind Beats, Skullcandy and SMS.

The next question should be “Can you shift a really crappy set of headphones for £150 simply by attaching a big name music star?”, don’t jump in and say they do that already. With headphones becoming such a fashion statement how long will the craft of high end audio equipment last. Have a read it is interesting stuff.

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